Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Family and Friends. Sorry it has been so long but, we have been a busy family.
To start off, Mike graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry April 7th. I am proud to say that April 14 we moved to Wellsville, UT. I get to stay home with Wyatt, I love it but I am struggling to find stuff to do in the day.  Mike is working in an animal clinic, learning lots.  He will be re-applying for Vet school this Fall and hopefully we will be moving to Pullman next year.

Wyatt is 18 months and so so so so so ACTIVE. He is all over the place. He is such a fun boy. He has so much personality and smiles all day.

Here are some pictures of us. I hope you enjoy them!

This last picture is with my dear good friend Kelly. We took our kids to the Hoogle Zoo.

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